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Recent Testimonials

Just wanted to express my disbelief honestly in how well I’m doing! My anxiety has honestly gone from like a 8-9 most days to an occasional 1-2 with effort. Seriously you are magic and you have greatly improved the quality of my life and I’m forever grateful.

Nikki Small

I had the best Shamanic healing experience today, and honestly couldn’t have felt more relaxed and invigorated! I honestly feel great  and cannot wait for my next session! Missy is amazing and makes you feel completely comfortable and love the atmosphere 

Tricia Goodrich 

A few months ago I came to realize I have been harboring trauma in my abdomen. I started exploring different avenues to release the symptoms I’ve had for years. Pain, bloating, IBS etc. I decided to try energy healingwith Missy at Wings of Change Healing.

Missy calmed my nerves almost immediately after meeting her. She listened to my concerns, acknowledged and validated them. Her genuine heart and gift for healing through reiki has helped me not only with the lessening of symptoms I have but to also help heal and move on from the trauma. What use to be at times debilitating symptoms are must more manageable and at most times gone. I feel lighter and more free! Each experience brings me to a new place of healing.

Missy obtains a special gift with her work and I am blessed to have her in my life.

Jennifer Curtis

The changes in my life after just one visit with Missy have been profound. And I do not say that lightly. She has a gift to heal with love and compassion...

I scheduled a private class with Missy to recieve my Reiki II attunement... a few days before the class, I worried about my finances and almost canceled... but I had canceled once before and I just couldn't do that to her again... so I kept the appt and thank God I did.

During the session, Missy was able to bring me back to the start of the programming of "I'm not good enough".. I was there with my mother, who was the one who pounded in that programming.. I was able to actually feel my own mother's pain of not feeling good enough.. and we hugged.. and I was at that very moment freed from the programming.. I left it behind right there on Missy's healing table.

Missy has a gift.. and it is real.. and she is beautiful. Her energy is unique.. her voice is like an angel.. and her touch is magical.

If you are considering a healing session, please look no further than Wings of Change and make the appointment with Missy Ayotte. She is amazing and you will love her too!

Melissa Penna 

I have been receiving Shamanic Reiki sessions with Missy for almost a year now, which has changed my life. Receiving reiki from Missy was such a magical experience. I remember one specific session where we worked on my heart chakra where there was a block related to a trauma from my childhood. I could feel the negative energy being pulled from my body aligning my chakras. Every time I leave from a session I feel relaxed and at peace!

Caitlyn Morse 

I had another Shamanic reiki session with Missy V Ayotte today. I shed more healing tears and enjoyed laughter with this amazing woman. I released some crap I never would have thought I was holding on to. It's powerful!

I experienced a Shamanic Reiki healing session with Missy V Ayotte. Although I am familiar with reiki, I really didn't know what to expect from the "Shamanic" part. It sounds very woo and it was very woo!

Without going into a lot of details that are somewhat personal, I will tell you this... What I brought to this session was a request to help me let go of my attachment to junk food. I didn't realize how deep my attachment went or how long I have been bonded to it.

Missy made me feel very comfortable sharing some deep childhood wounds. She guided me on a journey and it took me to places I don't know that I could have gone on my own. She helped me find the courage and strength to address some old ghosts. Most importantly, she helped me release the hurt and angst that I'd been carrying with me for decades.

The tears I cried were a form of profound release... a much needed, long awaited release. As I was leaving the session, she said, "I just had a vision of you eating broccoli." So guess what I did... yup, I stopped at the store and bought broccoli. And you know what? It wasn't too bad. And as I type this, I find myself wanting to eat more of it.

If you have something going on in your life that you just can't seem to let go of, give Missy a call to schedule a session. For those of you who don't live in southern Maine, she does distance healing sessions, too.

Donna Doyon

I had the pleasure of attending a Reiki II day-long class with Missy Ayotte. Missy provided a day that was both informative and healing. The entire experience left me with excitement for the learning of energy healing that I had not known till this point. I highly encourage anyone who would like to take the next step on energy work with Missy!!

MJ Allen

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