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Missy Ayotte

Shamanic Practitioner

Intuitive Healer/Teacher & Spiritual Guide 

Missy has been practicing energy healing since 2009.   She is a Shamanic Practitioner. Usui Tibetan Reiki Master & Teacher, Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Guide/Coach who uses her intuition to guide her healing abilities. MIssy is a certified Shamanic Usui/Tibetan Reiki instructor with the intention of empowering people to  their own self-healing abilities.  She believes it is possible for each of us to find healing in all dimensions of our life – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and energetically.  


Missy is a certified Spiritual Intuitive Coach guiding people to connect with their life purpose, set intentions, and raise their vibration to accomplish goals, manifest their best life and abundance. She specializes in clearing the trauma that causes triggers such as fear, depression, procrastination, anxiety, anger, and resentment and clear patterns of low self worth, fear of lack, and other patterns that no longer serve oneself. She helps people clear unhealthy cords and emotional constrictions, activating the chakras and the energy field to expand with healthy vitality. She also is gifted with the ability to help people clear entity attachments.  

Missy has studied with Tammy Rogers, Chris Krohn, Roxanna Valea, & Ray Crist.  Missy is a lifelong learner with an immense passion for being in nature with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication.  

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